University to Offer World's First Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science Degree

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CHARLOTTE - May 22, 2012 - UNC Charlotte will offer the world’s first bachelor’s degree in neurodiagnostics and sleep science (NDSS).  This innovative, online degree will be available through the College of Health and Human Service’s Kinesiology Department in collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of Allied Health Sciences. The program will accept students starting with the fall 2012 semester.

“The Bachelor of Science in Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science, a collaboration between two world-class universities, will provide an opportunity for current practitioners to continue their professional development, while learning new skills in an increasingly important and rapidly expanding segment of health science.  We look forward to assisting students with their matriculation into this exciting new program,” said Dennis McElhoe, director of credit programs in the Office of Extended Academic Programs.

Research indicates that approximately one in four individuals have a sleep issue that significantly decreases their quality of life, increases their risk of accidents and increases their chance of heart attack or stroke. 

 As a result, the field of neurodiagnostics and sleep technology is advancing and expanding rapidly. There is a national shortage of qualified technologists in these fields and a demonstrated need for advanced-level professionals. Advanced NDSS roles require significant levels of analysis, problem solving and professional judgment.

Employment opportunities for graduates include influential positions in the clinical, educational and research settings of hospitals, specialized sleep and epilepsy labs, private practice, research facilities, educational institutions and manufacturing companies. Graduates will use their professional knowledge and critical thinking skills to address problems such as misdiagnosis and health care fraud, as well as how to create and maintain cost-effective practices for North Carolina and the nation.

The Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science program is offered to students with an associate’s degree; it is a 38-hour course, including a practicum and an internship.  Graduates will be able to teach at the community college level and be well-prepared to seek advanced degrees.

"This is a distinctive program,” said Yvette Huet, interim chair of the Department of Kinesiology.  “It is forward thinking and the first such degree in the world. It’s also a unique collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill that makes it possible for both institutions to better serve students.  We hope that more health-related collaborations like this will happen in the future."


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