About Us

At North Carolina’s urban research university, UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and students engage in research, service and scholarship that directly contribute to the economic health, social and cultural well-being of citizens in the state’s largest metropolitan region. With more than 26,500 students and more than 3,000 faculty and staff, we have many stories to tell. It’s the job of the public relations department to tell those stories through varied communication channels in ways that enhance the identity of University.

The primary responsibilities of the public relations department include:

  • Media Relations and Public Information
  • Internal Communications
  • Public Relations counsel
  • Reputation Management and Crisis Communication
  • Print and Digital Publishing
  • Executive Communications

This work requires frequent collaboration with colleagues throughout the University. Our services are available to all Colleges, Departments, Offices, Centers and Institutes, and our priority is to advance the strategic goals of the University.

Our primary communication goals, as ratified by UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip L. Dubois and his Cabinet, are:

Goal # 1
Create awareness and comprehension of UNC Charlotte as North Carolina’s urban research university.

Goal # 2
Establish UNC Charlotte as integral to the economic, social and cultural fabric of the Charlotte region.

Goal # 3
Position UNC Charlotte as an important center of higher education, delivering affordable, high-quality education worthy of broad-based support.