Staff Directory

Name Job Title Phone
Phillip Brown Assistant Director for Internal Communication 704-687-5829
Cathy Brown Business Services Coordinator 704-687-7214
Wills City Communications Director (to the Colleges of Education, Health & Human Services) 704-687-8192
Audrey Davis Administrative Support Associate - Advanced 704-687-5825
Jared Moon Feature Projects Manager 704-687-5472
Paul Nowell Senior Communications Manager 704-687-5828
Leanna Pough Communications Coordinator
Buffie Stephens Associate Director for Media Relations 704-687-5830
Stephen Ward Executive Director for University Communication 704-687-7225

Additional Contacts

Note: All of UNC Charlotte’s colleges and many of its centers, institutes and departments organizations have managers/directors of communications and marketing who handle various communications-related projects.  They are another resource to consider, especially regarding tasks that may be better handled at the college or department level. If you are unsure whether your organization has a communications manager, we encourage you to ask your co-workers or supervisor.